Sustainable sportswear
for adventurous people

All of our garments are made of recycled fishing nets which have been recovered from our oceans as well as from other post consumer plastics.

What we do

Beautiful, performance sportswear made of recycled ocean waste.

Custom design

Offer your diving team, customers, surfers or staff custom apparel that they can wear with pride.
All with your colors, full color prints and logos.

Eco-friendly materials

All our garments are made of recycled material or from natural fabrics to ensure no additional harm is done to our planet.

Low or no MOQ

We are flexible in the order quantity as we don’t want you to order more than needed. We fight over-production and over-consumption.

Why are we doing this?

We are passionate about the life above and under the water.

We partner with companies and organisations that all have a common dream: to clean our planet from waste.

Fishermen in Thailand get paid to collect old nets

Through our partnership, we pay fishermen in Thailand to collect old fishing-nets. Meanwhile it is also an incentive for them to not abandon their broken nets.

A common goal with locals

We hope to create 1 common goal: To remove as much plastic as possible from our oceans and to make beautiful new products from ocean waste.

The counters

The fabric we use, helped to recycle tons of waste.

Healthy Seas has collected, together with divers and fishermen, over 905,000 kilos of nets and other debris from the seas and oceans. On the educational side, Healthy Seas engaged 3,400 children in education programs during 40 days of education events.

Get yours!

Custom apparel for your

with your colors and logos.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Check out the most asked questions here.

How can you be sure the fabric is really from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles?

All fabrics we are using are made of sustainable yarns: Ecoantex 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and Econyl  regenerated polyamide yarn from pre- and post-consumer waste materials (fishing nets, carpet fluff, tulle, etc), which, once they have reached the end of their useful life, instead of ending up in a landfill, are recovered and regenerated through a complex physical-chemical process. All garments have the ECONYL tag, which guarantees that the fabric is made exclusively of fabrics made of that yarn.

Are FLAVE rashguards protecting you from UV?

FLAVE Rashguards provide extra protection from harmful UV rays and abrasions to the skin from sand and hard surfaces. They are an essential piece of gear for anyone spending time in or near water – whether you’re snorkeling/diving or doing active watersports. Obviously, you can also just wear them on sunny days to protect yourself.

How to wear a rashguard?

There are two ways to wear a rashie: under a wetsuit, or as a standalone top, usually with swimwear underneath, i.e a bikini. Meanwhile, rashguards vary in fit from tight to loose – if you’re planning to wear it underneath a wetsuit, you’ll want a snug fit, if not then just go with what feels most comfortable.

Are rashguards quick drying?

A rashguard (rash guard, rashie or rash vest) is a close-fitting, thin shirt made of quick-drying synthetic material that blocks UV rays and is designed for use in and near water.

Should a rashguard be tight?

Rash guards should be form-fitting, since they’re designed to protect your skin from sun damage and chafage without slowing you down. Your normal size in a rash guard should be a bit tighter than a typical shirt. However, nothing should be too tight.

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